Thank you for a summer of creative exploration, play and fun in an empty Spanish monastery

Two years ago a group of friends met to explore the idea of setting up an intentional community based on contact improvisation. During this week it became clear that there were several different visions of creative community - not all of which centred on CI. We started dreaming of bringing more people together that are interested in community living and the creative arts to see if any of those seeds could take root and inspire a group to take them forward.

This year another friend discovered an old monastery available for sale or rent and we felt that this could be fertile ground to explore what it takes to build a community. 
We were renting it from July 21st to Oct 13th, 2015. We had an intensive week of community visioning (1-9 August), and another intensive week around the topic "trio" from sept. 5th to 12th, a site specific performance lab from Oct 5-11th, and a harvest feast from Oct 9-11th. 

See a presentation in English and Spanish (PDF).

The monastery had very basic facilities, and so we were putting a lot of work into co-creating our home. We had time to think, create, work, play and explore. Living this experience together has challenged our ideals of community and helped us to imagine new ways forward.

Unfortunately we couldn't manage to extend the rental contract, because the roof of the chapel is in a dangerous condition and the owner is now renovating the building. We are currently searching for a big building to accommodate approx. 10 people to establish a sustainable artist community over the winter - and we hope to continue next spring in the "Monastery of Dreams" !


Thank you for joining us!

Free Ben, Gabriel, Gavin, Jenny, Julia, Mara, Melody, Mike, Sonja, Sven & William