Our first week in the monastery

Now it’s one week we are at our “Monastery of Dreams” and we want to give you some photos and a little update on what’s going on here.

On July 21st, Angel, Dani, Gabriel, Leon and Melody entered the place to start the preparations. We cleaned rooms and public spaces, exploring the water and electricity system, cleared and set up the kitchen, cleaned the big fridge from years of green mould, pulled out all the weed in the yard, brought useful stuff together from the whole monastery and set up a public seating area inside.

It was very hot, but really good fun. Daniel left us the 23rd, to return the 25th with his partner Queralt and his son Vidal. For a while we were 3 people in a huge monastery – exciting!

Because Leon was crying so much, Angel directed a constellation and we confronted ourselves with the past energies of the monastery as a convent, hospital and kids summer camp – a strong experience.

On July 24th, Gavin arrived. He was carrying 60 kilos and was completely wet because he just went one kilometer through a thunderstorm. But he had a big smile on his face and we felt him like a brother that was coming home after a long time. He helped us to clear the big public yard with amazing patience, always wearing his earphones with a Spanish course and murmuring strange sentences.
In these days we experienced some heavy thunderstorms.


Some of our fruit trees:


On July 25th, the first participants from the residency arrived, Nicolas and Elise. Nicolas came in a cool VW campervan, parking and sleeping under the trees. He took over the role as a kitchen organizer, until Julia would arrive and take over. We developed a box and a list for everybody to contribute for food. Nico went also for shopping for us.
Elise had enough courage to take a room on the other, silent side of the monastery, and facilitated Qi Kung sessions in the morning.
We started to explore the grounds more and more, starting to cut some of the green – embarrassing our poor Angel that loves the wild nature. Bushman Daniel helped to facilitate the first meeting and set up a “Free shop”, where we exchange clothes and offer a lot of free stuff that we found inside the monastery.
In the morning, Josef arrived with his son Thais, to visit Gabriel and Melody for a day. They helped us to drain water and clear the yard from leaves.


We started to cook meals in turns and the table became really big for the first time!
Later in the evening, Mike and Sonja from the core organizer team arrived, with their son Louie.
Sonja set up a public schedule in the yard, and Mike gifted us with a fancy rake and a car.

On the weekend, we also joined a big feast in the little village:


On July 26th, Jenny and Laurence arrived at 2am in the night.
The following day, the group of Daniel Werner and 3 lovely people from Barcelona arrived, and so we had 20 people around the table, for the first time.

We set up the dance space in the theatre on Monday the 27th and everybody was enjoying an evening jam with contact improvisation.


Our intensive week is from August 1st to 9th

The residency with ongoing sessions of participants and creative exchange is open until September 13th.


We still have space, join us!