Trio Exploration Week (Sept. 5 to Sept 12)



The Monastery of Dreams is a dance-based community beginning in Catalonia, Spain.
Following a rich process in the intensive week (Aug 1st-9th) at the Monastery – a group of us were inspired to share our discoveries on the dynamics of TRIO and invite you to further research this mystery. Our journey started by challenging the structure of trio which opened a door to wider questions about contact to self, other, and our environment.

How is a trio created? How does it change? What is included in a trio? What is inclusion?
What is included in contact improvisation?

trio research from Katelyn Stiles on Vimeo.

For this event we propose a structure both facilitated and open to spontaneous improvisation.
Over 8 days (Sept. 5th-12th) we will investigate this theme through C.I. and other forms of creative expression.

What is alive in you? We invite you to bring your questions, your experience and inspiration. In order to cover basic costs we ask for 160 euro for food and accommodation. In addition to this we ask for a donation based on your situation that will go towards the work of the organization and other costs to sustain the community and make this project possible.


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Homestories from the Monastery

It’s amazing what you can do with a bare room within a few days.
Today we show you the rooms of 2 longterm participants, Julia and Katelyn (Both from CA).


Katelyn is a dancer, filmmaker, drawer, and wolf ambassador from California that lives in Berlin. She came to the Monastery of Dreams (MOD) because she was curious to find new ways of living, go deeper into the body and connect to nature.

Katelyn is contributing her skills in filmmaking to document the process of creating the MOD. She was also leading sessions in “witnessing through drawing” – which will be offered during our “Trio” exploration week from Sept. 5th to 12th.


When we entered the room to watch her latest short movie, we were all stunned.

The bare ugly room had turned into a beautiful home, with a carpet, plants, a mosquito net, a little table and a improvised wardrobe. We admire her for her ability to take rests of curtains and turn them into beautiful decorations. Now she has got not only the most quiet, but probably also most beautiful room of the monastery.

But wait! Here is what Julia from Barcelona (Catalunya) did:


Her ability of taking some clay and drawing beautiful patterns with it on the wall, as well as to use plants and fabrics for decoration are amazing!

Julia speaks 6 languages and is eager to explore processes of community living and creative expression. She has a lot of interests: singing, writing, performance, body expression, object poetry, visual art, non-violent communication and permaculture (PDC 2010 & teacher apprenticeship 2015).

Thank you Katelyn and Julia to open us your doors and inspire us with your ability of turning an ascetic room into an oasis of relaxation.

Julia_Homestory2If you want to donate aquariums, air humidifiers, wall carpets, mosquito nets, flower vases and other decorative and expensive stuff, so we are able to continue our homestories from the MOD, please call us at +34 622540261. Thanks.


Two Weeks at the Monastery of Dreams

At the former Seminary of the Marist Brothers, Outdoor Pursuits Centre (Casa de Colonies Ca n’Oliver) and Festival Location of MAPA.


I spent some time thinking about how to summarise or even give a taste of what happened during the two weeks I spent at the Monastery of Dreams, the first week spent preparing for the second, a intensive process of dancing, sharing, performing while thinking, living and imagining community. I realised it would be impossible. The richness of the experience, the fact that my understanding and appreciation is still forming in my being, and that my experience was emergent out of the inter-experience with so many others (some 30 people shared the intensive experience and some 60 people passed through the monastery doors during the two weeks) means that all I hope to do is share what it means to me now.


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Intensive has started ..


The residency is currently ongoing with the sharing of ideas, workshops and various spontaneous sessions and of course the process of daily community building.