Site Specific Performance Lab / Artists Exchange 5-11th October 2015

The Chapel
The Chapel

The aim of this lab is to bring together an impromptu collaboration (or collaborations) of artists to co-create site specific work in response to the monastery and it surroundings. We’ll work intensively for 5 days and on Sunday 11th share our work as part of the Monastery of Dreams celebration and harvest weekend.

This an open ended experiment and explorations could include performance, video, installation, multi-media etc. The over-all process will be facilitated but it is intended that the week and final work will be shaped very much by the curiosity, interests and creative practice of the participants. The Lab is open to dancers, performers, musicians,  improvisers, visual artists, video makers and more!

Monday 5th Oct will be arrival day with a working session in the evening to identify interests and possible collaborations/explorations.

The cost will be 18 Euros per day for food and accommodation – 126 Euros for 7 days. The Lab itself free and participants are welcome to make a donation to the Monastery of Dreams to support the project for next year (Suggested donation 20-40 Euros).

For more information about the Lab or to register interest in participating contact: For more info about the Monastery of Dreams, travel, accommodation or special requirements etc please contact:

Reflections on Vision and a Community Research Visit

The need for a core group with a coherent vision is often regarded as vital to starting a community that lasts. I reflect on feedback on our Monastery of Dreams intensive in relation to visits to several formed and developing communities in Catalonia in 2013. We visited Kanawen, Arcadia, Arlequi, Cal Cases, Can Masdeu, Esblada, Irehom, Cala Fou and Molinàs. I also offer a brief history of the group that formed to set up the Monastery of Dreams and the extent of our mutual involvement to provisionally suggest that a lack of strong group vision in our case reflects the trust born in our common practice of CI and an explicit wish to expand our network to encorporate other visions through the residency and intensive process. I conclude with a call for a different idea of visioning that is sensitive to dance, art practice and improvisation.

Read the all article with many pictures and videos