Monastery in Exhale

On a sunny morning in mid-October, we left the monastery in a colourful caravan packed with the remnants of an estimated 130 people who moved through the gates during three months.


On this morning, the monastery of our dreams was more beautiful than ever. The remaining residents had dedicated their last days to intensive and improvised gardening and cleaning -a deep tissue monastery massage transforming disappointments into manifestations of love for the place.


After serious and inspired negotiations on our side the landlady declared the building unfit for use, with particular reference to the chapel roof. She plans to renovate over the winter, inspiring hope that the monastery can re-open its gates in spring, and continue to provide, in spirit and structure, for the unfolding of our dreams.


Despite the sentimental and nostalgic feeling of leaving the place we learned to love so dearly, we are full of gratitude and wonder of the richness, the process and everything else that emerged and converged over the summer. We began with a month long visioning of community; agreed to two months, extended to three, until finally we did not want to leave any more.


The process showed us how being in alignment with the right intention can create magic. An inspired group of individuals scouted for ground, ploughed the soil and planted the seed. The idea to combine an international center for movement and arts with a permanent community received enormous interest from far and wide, as well as the local region.The big potential for the utilisation of movement in group visioning and decision making processes, and the value of creative self-expression in personal and group processes were only some of the findings of our process.


The project has only just started, and there are many things still to explore. Let us nourish and water it so that it can grow and blossom again and allow us and everybody who has not yet tasted to enjoy its fruits!


Thank you, thank all of you who populated the monastery and its grounds during this time, who filled the courtyard with your laughter, the chapel with your dances, and our hearts with joy. Your singing voices and smiles still resonate in our hearts.

If you would like to share your impressions of this dream, in form of reflections, pictures, drawings… we warmly invite you to do so, under the section « Reflections »


For the next steps, we can look for guidance in the very first principle of CI; allow it to happen! With one hand of STRUCTURE “we make it happen” and with the other hand of FLOW, “we let it happen”.


With the hand of structure, we are looking for alternative sites to host the project for the winter months, and also in the case that the owner chooses a different future for the monastery. Any advice or directions to new monasteries, castles, dreamhouses that could become our new playground are very welcome! Lets all keep our eyes and ears and other senses open…


With the hand on flow, let us hold the vision. « Live into the fairytale » !


And, as the morningbird whispered: “lets keep ripe ripe ripening, until we meet again under the khaki tree!“