We invite you to send in proposals for labs, workshops and other exploratory endeavours. Here are suggestions that have already come in. We’ll be brainstorming too on the site and developing more spontaneous plans.

Residency Projects (25 July – 15 October)

The Creative Tribe in Cooperation 

Proposed by Gabriel & Melody

Everybody is invited to offer a short session (1-3 h) to the group. This can be presentations or discussions about community, creativity, sustainability, or any kind of practical activity (dance, making, drawing/painting, singing, music, ..). We welcome not only professionals, but also amateurs – because we believe that every human has a lot to share.


Interests & Proposals from the Residency Application Forms

somatic work and/or dream journeys leading into open improvisation, and maybe some more contemporary dance based sessions playing with flow, gravity etc.

Puedo dar un taller de pases magicos, o tensegridad, una tecnica de Carlos Castaneda, aqui hay un link de un video que hice con mi grupo en Buenos Aires.
Podria guiarnos para crear un mural pintado o para crear nuestras propios cuencos o vasijas de ceramica para comer. Por ultimo quizas podria guiarnos para hacer algunos cantos al cielo,
la tierra, el agua o el fuego.

authentic movement + NVC + discover your unknown song

Give massage, Cook, share a Lab Fusion CI&Acroyoga if practitioners interested into it. Also recently interested into CI with horses.

bailar, masajes, yoga…

I’m not sure yet. I love to teach movement or hold space for movement exploration (Blindfold jam, CI class, jam, Authentic movement, dance in nature) . . . .  maybe I could teach a ContactKids class (a class for parents and kids).

Creatively I would like the opportunity to work with dancers by providing patterns and forms on the dance area itself which could influence they way people move in the space (if they choose to interact). I could also give a talk / workshop in geometry and music.

What would you like to contribute?

Of course music. I will bring my guitar and if possible, more instruments.

I would like to contribute my skills in filmmaking to document the process of creating the Monastary of Dreams. I also would like to lead sessions in “witnessing through drawing”. I would like to go deeper into researching biomechanics with others. I am also interested right now in discussions on spirituality and movement.

I would like to offer a workshop and method to facilitate exploration of group issues or conflicts (using Process Work format, combined with dance)

I am a facilitator in Non Violent Communication and Sociocracy, I would love to share that.

I would contribute with my competence, contact, dance, massage, clowning; and discussion, doing agriculture too, taking care of children, cooking for the group!!, and why not  a place to make bread. I know how to do that. And Spain is a country I like even if I don’t speak this langage at this moment: the flamenco is a long part of my life too.

Would love to propose a lab on Movement in Community Communication (MCC)

I have some known tools for decision making and group processes and am
interested in furthering some ideas about Embodied Decision Making
with a group who is already at home in their bodies.

An improv (theater) workshop and, if enough people are interested, an NVC workshop. I’d be open to co-lead a workshop if I have enough time to get to know someone with similar interests.

I want to contribute with my playfulness and joy of life.

4 thoughts on “Proposals

  1. hello, i im very interesting about the project and the meeting in august. I am 46 years old,a dancer, since 20 years , i practice contact improvisation since 15 years and teach, but i am really interested by the meeting with amateur and every body. for me the important is the possibilities to creat together a new way of thinking, a new way of life. i have no family, so that i have to create my life without the archetype,. find differnt idear to meet, to paricipate with collectif action, to move the world. contact is the base , arts to, and this place is wonderful for that. i try such a project a part of my life in “la drome” in France. it was a monastery too, we were 20 personn, arts or agriculture, . it was very nice, but i had to stop the experince because of an accident. now i m free, and really happy to participate one more time for such a experience.
    i can be in the place the 3 august, is it possible?!
    i will be happy to give an hel, cook, give worshop, dance, contact, clown, massage??
    help to take car for children too..

    welle see you,so!!

    Noëlle Dalsace

  2. I am thinking about bringing watercolors and paper and about offering to people to explore the surroundings of the buildings, get inspired and draw their impressions on paper, which we could piece together afterwards.

  3. Hi, I would be very happy to share the practice of nonviolent communication and also to speak about Sociocracy, a model for self governance which I find incredibly valuable for groups and projects. I will be there from the 1st to the 8th or 9th… I am also very happy to share songs and chants to create a warm heart space…

  4. perhaps morning meditation together

    and I would like to lead a group session on witnessing/drawing/movement

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