Some Bios from the Residency Application Forms

Mara, Germany

I grew up in Germany and during the last years lived in Switzerland, Spain, Brazil and London. After studying international relations and international law I worked in Rio de Janeiro for a German foundation supporting local NGO’s and civil society organisations to defend human rights and environmental protection in Brazil. Despite the very interesting topics, I soon realized how onesided I found this work, and how far away we were from the people and topics we were dealing with, sitting in an air-conditioned office in Rio de Janeiro. After a month long contact residency in the nature in Brazil I knew that I wanted to reintegrate movement and dance in my life. I participated in and facilitated several community dance projects in Rio de Janeiro and surroundings, collaborating with local NGO’s and community dance organisations. In September last year I came to London in order to study community dance at Laban College of Music and Dance. The experience of living in cities like Rio de Janeiro and London made me feel the paradox of contemporary cities, the feeling of being alienated from myself and others, despite living amongst millions of people. This showed me how much I wished to live close to nature and to people, in a place where true connection is possible.


Soy Roma, buscando caminos, lugares, personas.
Mis intereses son diversos, aunque siempre conectados al arte, practico contact impro, tambien me gusta cantar en idiomas inventados, hacer pases magicos , crear imagenes en las paredes, trabajar el barro, mezclar sabores, ambientar espacios, cuidar plantas, jugar en lo que hago. Hace un tiempo hice esta pagina de mis trabajo en el muro

Cristian, France

I’m a CI and butoh dancer, yoga teacher and massage therapist.
Interested since longtime in the relation between body, expression, creativity, relationships and spirituality, and the most holistic way of integration.

Pedro (Nirvan), Portugal

I am someone who has been doing many different activities connected with self knowledge through body and spirit. Some years ago I found CI and have been dancing since then whenever I have the chance.

Last two years I have been living in Ashram and intentional communities in the south of Portugal and I miss dance. I am graduated in Sculpture and I have done some ecobuilding work. I was also trained in water bodywork and Taoist Chi kung and these activities are part of me.

Francesco, españa

soy de mataro,me dedico al mundo del arte de la sanacion,masaje,danza ,actualmente participo activamente en huertos comunitarios y proyecto en mataro de Canfugarolas varios colectivos vinculados en una nave antigua de coches..

Sama, England,

Sama Mara is an artist and geometer based in London. He was awarded the Barakat Trust Prize at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts where he graduated with an MA in Traditional Arts. He completed his BA in Music and Visual Performance in the University of Brighton. Sama has a wide range of skills and interests including traditional geometry, programming, painting, music theory, studio photography, video editing, fractal geometry and quasi-crystals, all of which inform, inspire, and enable his practice as an artist. |


I love dancing, contact improv (totally addicted), theater (11 years) especially improv, singing, clowning (as a beginner), connecting with people, social change, knowledge sharing, open communities and free software that support them (my job). I speak French, English and Spanish.


Jashana- dancer, community activist, farmer, educator with a love of joking, laughing and tackling difficult topics. Values compassion, kindness and creativity as the medium of fertile growth for human spirit.

Rudi, Austria,

My Name is Rudi. I grew up in Germany, am 23 years old, and currently study contemporary dance in Salzburg, Austria. Before I got into contemporary dance, I studied theatre and philosophy, and I ilved in Bochum, Leipzig and Berlin (all in Germany). I feel that what intrigues me about the arts that I am engaged in, which are dance, music and poetry, many times is rhythm.

Anders, Sweden

I’m engaged in the matters of social-, economic- and ecological sustainability present project: ( )

Alyssa, Spain

I am a friend, talker, listener, dancer, Movement & CI Teacher, lover of nature, learner of relaxation and meditation, performer, artist that likes to get dirty with materials . . . sculpting, painting . . . cooking . . . lover of playing with children.

Julia, Spain

Who you are: Barcelona, 1960. Main jobs: tour guide in 6 languages, Spanish teacher in Sweden, communication department assistant in Girona (L’Animal a l’Esquena & Museu del Cinema). Main interests: singing, writing, performance, body expression, object poetry, visual art + non-violent communication (since 2008) + permaculture (PDC 2010 & teacher apprenticeship 2015)

Noelle, France

I am a woman, 46 years old, dancer, contacter, since 18 years, and practice art circus. at this moment I teach dance, contact, do spectacle, and I am living in NANTES, in Bretagne. I use to travel, and take time to ressource myself in the countriside,…I have a boy friend interested too, but no children , and I  am looking for a place to share my competences, and create a new way of life.

Youri, France

I am a 29 year old man. Coming to visit your community with Noëlle my girl friend who works in the same field than me since a longer time. I love nature. I work in the field of dance, contact-improvisation, circus, and performance in Nantes (Fr) since a year after having study this subjects for 10 years in italien switzerland and austria. Today my focus go to contemporary dance, improvisation and contact-impro (performing, teaching and choreograph). I like to create with others.

Nicolas, France

I am a traveler coach, massager, dancer how looking for new way of expressions and growth.

Katelyn, Germany

I am Katelyn, a dancer, filmmaker, drawer, and wolf ambassador from California that lives in Berlin. I am curious to find new ways of living, go deeper into the subtle mechanics of the body, and consciously witness and connect to nature.

Sven, Catalunya

I’m a musician who is interested in creating art combining different approaches. So I collaborated with theatre, dance and recently with short silent films.

Ulises, Spain

Who you are:

My ID card say that im Ulises Yanov, im from Argentina , actually living in Barcelona, doing a lots of music proyects; mixing dance , visuals and music all together . I can do some workshops about creative tools for put music to videos, paints, theater, and dance

William, UK

Currently I live in the West of England.

In all of the arts I consider myself an amateur – music and singing are my main lifelong skills. I have been pursuing a passion for CI for over 10 years, after exploring many forms of dance. Improvisation, spontaneity, spontaneous performance, following the unintended and the unknown, are themes close to my heart.

I have trained for 5yr in Process Work (inner work, psychotherapy, group facilitation, conflict transformation, world issues) in UK, following a longterm exploration of what it means to be human. I am especially interested in issues of gender, sexuality, intimacy – currently training in tantra massage.

I am retired from my profession of research in computing and its applications – I have MA in mathematics and Diploma in linguistics (Cambridge U) , PhD in computer science / semiotics. I tread a path between rationality and shamanism, and feel no need at this stage of life to define or limit myself.

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