Intensive (August 1st – August 9th)

The intensive will be a focused week of exploring community living and creative improvisation. Our invitation is to come together, make the monastery liveable and use it to play. We will have space for a maximum of 50 people. 

In the morning, there will be on-going groups that explore a particular interest. The afternoons are free for participants to offer workshops or labs, to suggest activities such as trips, swimming, etc., or just to rest and hang out. We will start the evening by getting together to share the findings of the day, and then there will be a jam - a space to dance - or just to be, play music, write or paint. 


Saturday the 1st August:

You are invited to arrive and make your own home in one of the monastery rooms (or outside if camping).

From Sunday to Saturday:

We propose to have ongoing dreaming groups in the morning that explore a particular interest in depth (see dreaming groups proposals).

In the middle of the week there’ll be the possibility to present each group’s research and the groups can change or merge or split. The afternoons will be free for workshop offers, relaxing, labs, dancing, swimming etc. and communal work to improve our living space. Each evening starts with a sharing of the findings of the day as seeds for the jam (or dream space), which is a space to dance, play music and to explore where other ideas take you.

Organising and sharing food together is part of the experience and everyone is welcome to contribute.

Families are very welcome to join. There are several children and babies among the organising team and child care will be organised communally.

The accommodation charge for the intensive week will be 80€. For more information about costs and other practicalities see the details page

5 thoughts on “Intensive (August 1st – August 9th)

  1. Hello I’m Jorge from Barcelona, i’m 31 years old. I practice contact impro every week, it’s my sport and passion. I have studied fine arts. I think i am an artist, i do caricatures, ilustrations,muralpainting, bodypaint… And for the last 10 years i am a musician. I play lots of drums and didgeridoo. I do concerts and sound massage sessions in many events with didgeridoo, ocean drum, singing bowls, throat singing.. I want to join the intensive course and live this experience, i want to dance and to give my musical medicine for everybody, to play in the CI jams as i usually do in Barcelona, and also i can help in whatever. I hope i can come, from saturday or sunday till the end of the intensive if everything goes right. One hug!

  2. Hello dear heart people i just want to cheek if you recieved my aplication i just sent, because i want to come tomorrow and dont know yet stop train station and how to arrive to the monastery.




    1. Hi Alba, very welcome, the train station is Sant Miquel de Fluvia, or use the bus from Girona, Stop: N-ll – Cruïlla a Pontós GIV-5125. please text to +43 650 9252643 when you arrive so we are able to pick you up.

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