The Project

Residency: 25 July to 15 October, 2015
Intensives: 1-9 August , 5-12 September , 5-11 October

The mission: intensive exploration of building and sustaining community from a shared practice of improvisation, be it in dance or other creative practices.

The location: The monastery is located in a little village close to the Costa Brava and Girona. 

The site is currently not in use, and so expect basic facilities. The pool, which looks so inviting in the photos, hasn't got a pump, so the water is green. Most people don't mind to share it with frogs. The sea is 25 min. by car, we make approx. one trip per week.


How you can take part:

We’ll be on site from July 25 to October 15 (2015) to explore the possibility of living together in a creative community.

We are living and cooking together.
We dance together: currently there is usually one evening dance jam happening after dinner.
We share lunch and dinner, we clean together.
We have emotional sharing and meetings about how to create a sustainable community on this site.

We encourage everybody to offer a workshop or start a creative project, but there is no obligation to do so or attend the workshops. 

Everybody is invited to offer a short session (1-3 h) to the group. This can be presentations or discussions about community, creativity, sustainability, or any kind of practical activity (dance, making, drawing/painting, singing, music, ..). We welcome not only professionals, but also amateurs – because we believe that every human has a lot to share.

Come and join us! The residency is open for everyone until Oct 15th.
(Special times: between Sept 28th and Oct 5th we don't accept arrivals of new people that haven't been here before due to our Planning Meeting. And from Oct 12 to 15th we are cleaning up.)

We want to rent the monastery from October 15th onwards and establish a permanent art community.
If you are interested in joining the group, let us know.



To register fill out the short form and reserve your space with a deposit.

Accommodation: We have 10 rooms and 3 dorms available on a first come first serve basis.
There are enough mattresses - Bring your own sleeping bag or sheets. Each person creates and cleans their own area.

Common work: Everyone agrees to work at least 1h/day to cook and improve the space. We have sharing circles for all urgent and non urgent matters but there is no obligation to attend these or workshops.

What it costs: The price is 10 Euros per day, excluding food. In addition to the accommodation charge, we will be asking for the cost of shared food and for a voluntary contribution towards the organization (e.g. petrol for transport, equipment we need to buy, etc.). We are interested in keeping these extra costs as low as possible. Shared food will be both vegetarian and non. The prize for food & expenses per day is currently 10 Euro per day for the first week, and then 6 Euro per day.

Internet: We have Wifi.

Children and families: Kids of all ages are welcome to come with their family. The premises are big and full of interesting discoveries. (Please note: Parents are responsible for their children at all times.)

We are offering a child care service run by a co-ordinator. This person is offering 3 hours per day to look after a small group of young children, taking care of them in a safe space. We also ask parents to help share this by taking turns to look after children for some hours. Parents of older, more independent kids are responsible for them and will need to take care that their children are respecting the space and others using it.

We are looking for more people that could offer their car for short distance (4km) pickups and a weekly shopping.

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3 thoughts on “The Project

  1. WOW!!! This is so very exciting and so very much in alignment with my idea of my next steps in life. I want to come for the whole time and get down and dirty creating all aspects of community. Currently the short form link to apply did not open for me.

    I would love to join you for the whole time!

    1. Hi Jashana,
      that’s so cool, you are very welcome!
      Please write to
      Looking forward to seeing you soon

      Phone number:
      How long would you like to stay:
      I am attending the Intensive Week Aug 1st – Aug 9th
      Who you are:
      Please write a short bio about yourself which will go on the website unless you request otherwise here
      Please describe your interest in community living ?
      What would you like to contribute?
      e.g. a workshop, a lab, a suggestion for a dream group, help with kitchen, childcare, documentation, setting up of the spaces, play music etc. See the proposals page for some ideas. We will also brainstorm and come up with new plans on site.

      1. This is great, too bad I am tied up now but would love to join in another time, congratulations and i send love and wishes to you –
        wish I could jump in…!


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