The Space

Our “monastery of dreams” is located in a little village close to the Costa Brava and Girona.




There are flights from Gerona Airport (Ryan Air) and Barcelona to all major European Cities.
There is also a fast train from London / Paris.


Our facilities:

  • 10 double rooms
  • 3 dorms
  • 2 big common bathrooms
  • 2 apartments
  • swimming pool (no pump)
  • Lounge
  • Library
  • Bodywork room
  • Ping Pong room
  • Free shop (free exchange clothes, shoes, things)
  • Kitchen
  • 2 dining areas (outdoor under trees, dining room)
  • 2 dance spaces (Chapel, theatre)
  • Big creative spaces (Ballroom, Top of theatre)
  • Office & music studio & atelier


More pictures: